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UCSF Advisory Committee on Sustainability

Vice President of Adminstration and Chief of Staff to Mark Laret, Cynthia Chiarappa and Robert Stickney, Senior Assiciate Vice Chancellor of FAS will serve as co-chairs of the Committee. 

Staff support is provided by Gail Lee, Sustainability Director for both the campus and medical center. 

Past Meeting Notes and Presentations can be accessed HERE.

Current members of the Committee for the two-year appointment cycle (FY16-18) are listed below.

Dorie Apollonio Assistant Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy
Annirvan Chatterjee Director of Data Strategy, CTSI
Jessica Clark Physical Therapy Student
Lisa Cisneros Senior Director, Stretegic Communications
Mahdavi Dandu Director, MS Global Health
Seema Gandhi Assistant Clinical Professor, Anesthesia Dept and chair, Academic Senate Ad hoc Sustainabiltiy Committee
Annemarie Donjacour Assistant Adjunct Professor, Anatomy, School of Medicine
Joseph Guglielmo Dean, School of Pharmacy
Michael Grabe Associate professor, CVRI
Dan Henroid Director, MC Nutrition and Food Services
Jim Hine AVC Supply Chain Management
Soo-Jeong Lee Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Melanie Jeske Doctoral Candidate, Social and Behaviora Sciences
Bruce Lanyon Director, Rela Estate Assets Department, FAS
Tim Mahaney Director, MC Facilities and Support Services
Patti Mitchell Associate Director, West Zone, Capital Programs
Thomas Newman Professor, School of Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology
Kevin Pattison Vice President UCSF Health Support Services and Supply Chain
Jodi Soboll Director, Infrastructure and Utilities/Deputy Executive Director, Facilities Services
Arianne Teherani Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Medical Education
Tracey Woodruff Associate Professor, OB-GYN, Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment

Organizational Chart of UCSF’s Sustainability Program
2017 Org Chart


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